Welcome to the world of The De Lanerolle Brothers

The De Lanerolle Brothers have carved a unique niche in the global music scene, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Renowned for their enchanting performances and musical versatility, they are more than just a singing duo; they are cultural ambassadors, philanthropists, and true legends in the industry.

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Our Musical Journey

From the iconic Weill Recital Hall @ Carnegie Hall to the wild resorts in Africa, the De Lanerolle Brothers have graced stages across all continents. Their music, spanning classical, sacred, pop, operetta, opera, Broadway, and ballads, showcases a unique blend of talent and charisma. Collaborations with diverse artists have enriched their musical journey, making them a dynamic force in the industry.


Program Events Schedules


Bishops College, Colombo 03.


Port City Sales Gallery


Hilton Colombo Grand Marquee

2024-04-06, 06 : 00 PM to 07 : 00 PM

Auditorium UNSRAT Kota Manado

2024-03-03, 06 : 30 PM to 09 : 40 PM

Water’s Edge, Battaramulla.


Trinity College, Kandy


Canada, Toronto.


United Kingdom

No one was surprised to say the least that they wanted more and we all gave them a standing ovation for a night which will be embedded in almost everyone’s hearts at the Galle Literary Festival.

George W. Chatfield

United Kingdom - For the Daily Mirror

The brothers are certainly in the same league of the main act Olivia Newton-John.

Mike Bradstone

Sunday Observer

The most striking of the presentation was that the brothers interacted so well with the people, which is quite a unique and uncommon scenario given the fact that most Opera singers stand and deliver.

George W. Chatfield

United Kingdom - For the Daily Mirror

It was time Sri Lanka had a duo of international class and we are glad they have ushered in a separate chapter in the music industry here.

Christopher Lambert

Daily Mirror


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